Lesson 30 Get Lost! The Puzzle of Mazes

Target Skill: Main Ideas and Details
Target Strategy: Summarize
Supporting Skills: None

Anchor Text: Get Lost! The Puzzle of Mazes Genre: Informational Text
Short Article: Journey to Cuzco
Genre: Myth
Poetry: The Best Paths, Compass

Target Vocabulary (From Text):

undoubtedly, pace, reasoned, nerve, underestimated, disadvantage, extending, residents, balked, techniques, barrier

Oral Language/Writing Prompt:
- What would be fun and what would be frustrating about going through an outdoor maze?
(It would be fun to go through an outdoor maze because , but it would be frustrating because .

Corn Maze Game

Maze Race game

Hudson Valley Corn Maze (2 min, 38 sec)

Adrian Fisher On Building Amazing Mazes (6 min, 20 sec)

Cuzco/Machu Picchu Videos
(Short Article - Journey to Cuzco: The Origin of the Inca)

Oral Language/Writing Prompt:
- Describe what a day at Machu Picchu might be like (include sensory details - sights, sounds, smells, etc.)

Machu Picchu - National Geographic Kids (2 min, 20 sec)

Flying Over Machu Picchu (3 min, 39 sec)