LESSON 28 Fossils:A Peek into the Past


VOCABULARY1. viewpoint- a way of thinking about something
2. surveyed – to have looked over it parts and features
3. rural - in the countryside
4. advantages – skills or situations in one’s favor
5. previously – it happened before another event
6. legendary – people and places have usually been famous for a long time
7. retreat – to withdraw from an attack
8. persuade – to convince someone to do or believe something
9. aspects– various parts of a whole
10. organize – to arrange things according to a system


Target Skill – Fact and Opinion

Target Strategy – Question

Grammar – Commas in Sentences

Vocabulary Strategy – Idioms

Resource Links

Oral Language/Writing Prompt:
- Do you think being a paleontologist (scientist who studies fossils) would be an interesting career? Why or why not?
A day in the life of a Paleontologist (6:50): https://youtu.be/tjhDV_GzTM8

Fossil Rock Anthem (3 min, 16 sec)
"schist" - a type of metamorphic rock

Croc Fossil Found in Cave, Dominican Republic - National Geographic (3 min, 23 sec)

Mammoth Extinction - Woolly Mammoth: Secrets from the Ice (1 min, 50 sec)