Lesson 27 "Mystery at Cliff Palace"

Genre: Readers Theater

QUIA comprehension check



1. dwarfed – shortened or made to appear smaller than something else

2. procedure – a certain way to do something

3. transferred - moved from one place to another

4. enthusiastic – to show great enjoyment

5. adapted – specially designed for a certain purpose

6. conserving – using carefully so not to waste it

7. critical – of great importance

8. realization – sudden awareness

9. available – ready to be used or taken

10. resemble – looks like someone or something

Comprehension: Text and Graphic Features, theme

Vocabulary Skill: Multiple Meaning Words

Genre of Paired Passage: Informational Text & Poetry

Resource Links

If you were on a tour of Cliff Palace, what questions would you ask the tour guide?
(I would ask the tour guide at Cliff Palace .)

Would you want to explore The Cave of Crystals? Give at least 2 reasons for your answer.
(I want to explore The Cave of Crystals because _ and _.)
would/would not

Amazing Crystal Cave (1 min, 21 sec)

Deadly Crystal Cave - National Geographic (5 min, 44 sec)