LESSON 26 Animals on the Move

“Skywoman’s Rescue”
“The Whale”, “Wild Geese”

Informational Text, Play, Poetry

Essential Question:
What can people learn by reading about how different animals adapt and survive?



disturbing- Disquieting, upsetting; bothering

struggled- had a hard time with something

primitive- Being the first or earliest of the kind or in existence. Uncivilized; savage.

brandishing- Waving or shaking in a threatening manner

gradually- little by little

scanned- quickly looked over

identical- exactly the same in appearance

routine- A series of activities performed regularly.

gorgeous- dazzlingly beautiful

sweeping- having broad range or effect

Skill - Text and Graphic Features

Strategy - Visualize

Resource Links

- Explain the life cycle of a salmon using first, next, then, after that and finally.

- Compare and contrast the communication or movement of two of these animals.
Both a _ and a can .
A _ can _, but unlike a _, a _ can __.

Life Cycle of a Salmon, Discovery Channel (3 min, 25 sec)

Geese Fly Together, National Geographic (2 min, 33 sec)