Lesson 23: Vaqueros: America’s First Cowboys

Genre Informational Text
Comprehension Text and Graphic Features
Vocabulary Skill Adages and Proverbs
Genre of Paired Passage Poetry


Vocabulary Quizlet Practice__

1. dominated To have dominated something is to have strongly controlled it.
2. extending Extending is stretching from one point to another.
3. sprawling Something sprawling extends over a wide area.
4. hostile Someone who is hostile is not friendly.
5. acknowledged To have acknowledged something is to have recognized or accepted it.
6. flourished To have flourished is to have thrived or prospered.
7. residents The people who live in a place are its residents.
8. prospered To have prospered is to have been successful.
9. acquainted To be acquainted with something is to know and be familiar with it.
10. decline A decline is a falling off, a lowering, or a weakening.

Comprehension Skill: Text and Graphic Features

Vocabulary Skill: Adages and Proverbs

Spelling City


Next Exit - Los Vaqueros (history of vaqueros and rodeos) 5 min, 9 sec

Norias Cowboys, Great Cattle Drives and Cowboy Legends (1 min, 56 sec)

Riding the Range Pt. 1 (Modern day version of Old West Cattle Drive - gives viewer a good look at what the cattle drives were like)
8 min, 25 sec)

Visit Old California's Spanish Missions (1 min, 23 sec)