Lesson 21 Tucket’s Travels

Quizlet Practice

1. pace-The pace is the rate at which something is done.
2. undoubtedly-If something is undoubtedly so, it is not questioned.
3.seep- To seep is to pass slowly through small openings.
4.evident-Something evident is very easy to see or perceive.
5.factor- A factor is something that brings about a result.
6.vain-When something is done in vain, it has no chance of success.
7.mirages-Mirages are images in the distance that appear to be real, but are not.
8.shuffled-If you shuffled, you walked without lifting your feet.
9.salvation -Salvation is something or someone that saves or rescues.
10.stunted-Something stunted has had its growth stopped or slowed.

Vocabulary Skill: Shades of Meaning

Shades of Meaning

Figurative Language:

Sequence of Events:
__Story Scramble__
__Reading Ring__
__Chronological Order__

Author’s Word Choice:


GRAMMAR SKILL: Verbs Be and Have

To Be or Not to Be:__

__Verb Power:__

__Rags to Riches, Helping Verbs:__

__Helping Verbs Quiz:__

__Forms of Be:__

__Irregular Verbs:__

Spelling City


Oral Language/Writing Prompts:
- How do you think people are able survive situations that seem hopeless?
(I think people survive situations that seem hopeless by...)

- Would you enjoy visiting or living in a desert? Explain your thinking.
(I would/wouldn't enjoy visiting or living in a desert because...)

Top 5 Outdoor Survival Tips from Marko Yurachek of Outward Bound
(1 min, 46 sec)

Desert Animals Survival Adaptations (3 min, 24 sec)

Desert Plants and Cactus (4 min, 3 sec)