The Black Stallion

What can a person learn by building a relationship with an animal?

Genre: Adventure


Target Vocabulary

piercing: loud and shrill sound

descended: moved to a lower place

savage: fierce and ferocious

quivered: trembled

delicacy: expensive, rare food

fitful: starting and stopping

heave: to lift with effort or force

dimishing: lessening, become smaller

rhythmic: repeat movement in regular sequence

marveling: to be filled with wonder

Comprehension Skill

  • Story Structure- how the author organized important parts of the story, called story elements, including character, setting and plot. Setting includes where and when a story takes place. The plot is the story events, including a conflict, or problem, and its resolution. The resolution is how the conflict or problem in a story is solved. Understanding each element of a story helps readers understand the story as a whole.
  • Characterization- authors try to create story characters that seem like real people with believable feelings, traits and personalities. Traits are ways of speaking and acting to show what a character is like. By examining a character's actions, words and thoughts, they can determine his or her motives or reasons for doing something. Authors often have characters grow and change during the course of a story.

Character Scrapbook

Character Traits

Character’s Feelings

Characters and Plot

  • Theme- the big idea or lesson the author wants the reader to know.

Strategy: Question- Asks questions to yourself as you read to monitor your understanding.

Vocabulary Skill:Figurative Language


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