Genre-Realistic Fiction
Essential Question
  • How do you persuade people to support your ideas?


Target Vocabulary
  1. issue - a subject or problem that people think and talk about
  2. deteriorating - becoming worse; falling apart
  3. dependent - relying on others
  4. exception - something that does not fit into a general rule
  5. granted - given in an official way
  6. effective - successful and achieves desired results
  7. urge - to try to persuade strongly
  8. violations - acts that show disrespect or break the rules
  9. ordinance - a law or rule made by authorities
  10. minimum - the very least


Target Skill
  • Persuasion - the author of a persuasive text might state a goal and give reasons why the goal is important. The author might also give facts and examples to support each reason.
Target Strategy
  • Summarize - to briefly tell the important parts of a text in your own words. Summarizing an argument helps readers understand how the author's reasons support the goal.

Vocabulary Strategies
  • Greek and Latin Suffixes -ism, -st, -able, -ible - a suffix is affix attached to the end of a base word or root that changes the meaning of the word. Two common Greek suffixes are -ism (belief in something) and -ist (one who is or does). Common Latin suffixes include -able and -ible (capable or worthy of an action).

Vocabulary cards

INDEFINITE Pronouns video
  • More Kinds of Pronouns - an indefinite pronoun refers to a person or thing that is not identified. A possessive pronoun replaces a possessive noun and shows ownership. Words such as my, your, his, her, its, our, their,mine, yours, and theirs are possessive pronouns. An interrogative pronoun begins questions. The words who,what, and which are interrogative pronouns.

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Oral Language/Writing Prompt:

- What is your opinion of being a reporter? Why?
(In my opinion, being a reporter would be because .)