Lunch Money

Big Idea
  • Everyone has a story to tell.

Essential Question
  • Why does an author want to tell a story?

Genre: Realistic Fiction


Target Vocabulary
  1. record - the most remarkable achievement known
  2. mental - something in the mind
  3. launch - to officially start something
  4. assuming - accepting that something is true; supposing
  5. episodes - distinct parts of a longer series of events
  6. developed - brought into being or made bigger and more complex
  7. feature - to give something special importance
  8. incredibly - especially hard to believe; amazing
  9. villains - characters that oppose heroes
  10. thumbed - turned pages quickly

Target Skill
  • Author's Purpose - the reason that the author wrote the selection. You can determine an author's purpose for writing from story details.

Author’s Voice
Author’s Purpose Game
Author’s Purpose Reading Rocket

Target Strategy
  • Monitor/Clarify - to pay attention to how well you understand what you read/to make clear and understandable. You can use text clues to monitor and clarify the author's purpose and viewpoint. Monitoring the text and clarifying confusing details help readers better understand the author's purpose.

Vocabulary Strategies
  • Word Origins - the language or region in which a word originated. Word origins tell where a word come from, or where it originated. Word origins can give us an idea of what a word means, why and where it was created and by whom. Many English words came from words in other languages, such as Greek, Latin and French. English has changed a lot over time and some words and word roots were created during the Old or Middle English periods. English also uses words that are originally from other languages, such as Spanish and German.

  • Adjectives - give information about a noun. A descriptive adjective tells how many, what kind and may also tell the origin of a noun.

What Is An Adjective?

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