We Were There, Too

Genre - Biography

Essential Question: How did two young people's heroic actions differ?

Target Vocabulary
  1. mimic - having qualities of imitating or copying something
  2. mocking - imitating someone in an insulting way
  3. efficient - getting maximum results from minimum work; wasting nothing
  4. personally - something done by a person with no help from anyone else
  5. lacked - didn't have something necessary
  6. rural - country areas that often have many farms and few people
  7. tedious - boring or annoying
  8. organize - to arrange things according to a system
  9. summons - an official request for you to go somewhere
  10. peal - a sudden, loud sound


Vocabulary Strategies
Prefixes in-, im-, il-, ir- - affixes attached at the beginning of a base word or root word that changes the meaning of the word and they all mean "not." The prefixes in- and im- can also mean "in." You can use a dictionary to determine whether the prefix means "in" or "not."


Target Skill
Compare and Contrast - to find ways that two or more things are similar and different. Signal words such as both signify comparisons, while phrases like on the other hand signal contrasts. A Venn Diagram is used to compare and contrast information.

Target Strategy
Monitor/Clarify - to pay attention to how well you understand what you read/to figure out something that doesn't make sense. Readers should monitor their understanding as they read and clarify any questions they might have. Comparing text details can clarify understanding.

Easily Confused Verbs - some verbs have meanings that are related but not the same. It is important to know the exact meaning of these verbs so they are not used incorrectly. Parts of speech can be used to determine whether a word is used correctly. Can and may are helping verbs and rise, sit, set and lay are irregular verbs. Helping verbs are verbs that add detail to the main verb, and irregular verbs are verbs with a special form of the past tense.

Author’s Purpose:The author wrote this selection to inform the reader about young people who
made a difference in the American Revolution.

Theme: Hard work and contributions by young people who believed in a free America helped win the American Revolution.

Mood: inspiring and inspiration, because the author uses quotes from primary sources of the American Revolution to help tell the story


Liberty Kids #5 - Midnight Ride (21 min, 37 sec)

(Vocabulary Reader - Paul Revere, Hero on Horseback)

Liberty Kids #21 - Sybil Ludington (21 min, 38 sec)
(Main Selection - We Were There Too!)

Liberty Kids #32 - Benedict Arnold (21 min, 37 sec)
(Below Level Reader - Benedict Arnold)

Phillis Wheatley Movie Trailer (1 min, 35 sec)
(On Level/Language Support Reader - Phillis Wheatley/The Life of Phillis Wheatley)