They Called Her Molly Pitcher

Genre: Narrative Nonfiction

Essential Question: How do individual acts of bravery shape history?

LESSON 13 Jeopardy Game

Target Vocabulary

1. legendary - something or someone who comes from legends; well known
2. formal - something that follows set traditions
3. gushed - poured out in a very fast and forceful way
4. strategy - a plan for reaching a goal
5. retreat - a withdrawal from an attack
6. foes - enemies
7. shimmering - reflecting light to seem sparkly; glimmering
8. magnificent - very beautiful and impressive
9. revolution - a sudden change in the way things have been, usually political in nature
10. plunged - dove in suddenly


Vocabulary Strategies: Thesaurus - reference tool that provides an alphabetical list of words and their synonyms and sometimes their antonyms. Synonyms are words that have the same, or almost the same, meaning. Antonyms are words that have opposite or very different meanings.


Target Skill: Conclusions and Generalizations - a judgment reached through reasoning and a broad statement that is true most of the time. To draw conclusions or make generalizations, you need evidence or support. Readers can draw conclusions based on text details.

Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate - analyzing and evaluating text details helps to draw conclusions and make generalizations. Ask questions about how the details are connected. Analyzing and interpreting parts of the text will help evaluate the author's purpose and how well it is achieved.

Regular and Irregular Verb - regular verbs add -ed or -d to its present tense to show action that happened in the past; may use helping verbs has, have, had. An irregular verb is not formed by adding -ed or -d to its present tense. Some forms need to be memorized.

Author’s Purpose: The author wrote this selection to inform the reader about how Molly Hay’s courage, determination, and willingness to overcome difficulties, and why she was called “Molly Pitcher.”

Point of View: Third Person Limited: a narrator tells what one character observes, feels, and knows (he, his, and him).

Theme: A woman showing courage can achieve significance by doing small things while helping the American colonists to reach their overall goal - independence.

Mood: inspiring, because General Washington used her as an example for his men by giving her a rank in the army.


Molly Pitcher, Monmouth 1778 (2 min, 15 sec)

(Main Selection - They Called Her Molly Pitcher, Vocabulary Reader - Battle of Monmouth)

Molly Pitcher Song (3 min, 53 sec)

Monmouth 1778: Battle for the North Reinactment Trailer (2 min, 29 sec)