Can't You Make Them Behave, King George?

Genre: Narrative Nonfiction – gives factual information by telling a true story

Essential Question: How did people's opinions lead to a revolution?

Quizlet Vocabulary Practice

Target Vocabulary:
  1. benefit - something helpful and useful
  2. repeal - to formally cancel something
  3. advantages - skills or situations that favor you
  4. temporary - only meant to serve for a short time
  5. contrary - goes against the majority; stubborn
  6. prohibit - to ban or forbid something
  7. previously - before something else
  8. midst - in the middle of something
  9. objected - expressed an opinion against something
  10. rebellious - acting against the authorities


Target Skill:
Fact and Opinion - a statement that can be proven true or false and a statement that tells a thought, feeling, or belief. Identifying facts and opinions is important to understanding information texts. Readers can verify facts by checking a reference. Opinions cannot be verified.

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Target Strategy:
Question - to ask yourself questions about a selection before, during and after you read. Asking questions while reading can help readers determine whether something is a fact or an opinion.

Vocabulary Skill - Figurative Language

Verb Tenses - include present, past and future. The present tense tells what is happening now or over and over. The past tense tells what happened in the past. The future tense tells what will happen in the future. Future-tense verbs use the helping verb will before the action word.

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Author’s Purpose: The author wrote this selection to inform the reader about how King George felt about the American Revolution, how he dealt with ruling over people who were determined to fight for independence, and how he felt about losing the war to the Americans.

Point of View: Third Person Limited: a narrator tells what one character observes, feels, and knows (he, his, and him).

Theme: Using real events and things said or written in primary sources can be utilized to create a humorous, but factual account of history.
Mood: factual, but humorous.

Spelling City


Viva la Vida Parody - King George III (4 min, 19 sec)
*song King George's point of view to the colonists
(Main Selection - Can't You Make Them Behave, King George?)