Dangerous Crossing

Genre - Historical Fiction

Essential Question: What effect can one person have on history?

Quizlet Vocabulary Practice

Target Vocabulary
  1. cramped - very small and tightly packed
  2. distracted - your attention wandered away from the task
  3. viewpoint - your unique thoughts and opinions
  4. shattered - broken into many pieces
  5. surveyed - looked around and noticed all the parts of something
  6. pressing - urgent
  7. representatives - elected officials
  8. embark - to begin a journey
  9. bracing - positioning yourself against a support
  10. conduct - management and behavior


Target Skill: Cause and Effect, Infer Cause and Effect

Cause: an event that makes something else happens
Effect: something that happens because of an earlier event
Infer: to figure out something that is not stated directly

Target Strategy: Visualize: to use text details to form pictures in your mind

Students will visualize events to identify cause and effect.

Vocabulary Skill - Using Reference Sources

Author’s Craft: Flashback - an event that has happened in the past which provides background information that helps the reader better understand what is happening, and may give reasons about why a character acts a certain way

Author’s Purpose:
The author wrote this selection to inform the reader about the childhood of John Quincy Adams who was our sixth president, and how his father, John Adams, our 2nd President, helped influence the outcome of the American Revolution.

Point of View:
First Person: one character tells the story as he or she sees, experiences, or understands it (I, we, me, and mine)
Third Person Limited: a narrator tells what one character observes, feels, and knows (he, his, and him)

Theme: How did John Adams help influence the outcome of the American Revolution?

  • Subject and Object Pronouns - pronouns take the place of a nouns. Subject pronouns take the place of nouns used as the subject of sentences. Object pronouns take the place of nouns used after verbs or prepositions such as to, for, with, in, or out.
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Spelling City


"Change" John Adams, American Revolution Music Video, Taylor Swift (4 min, 32 sec)

(Main Selection - Dangerous Passage)

Ships in Storms - Incredible Footage HD (1 min, 20 sec)