Target Vocabulary
  1. unobserved - hidden or unnoticed
  2. available - ready to be used or taken
  3. detecting - working to discover something
  4. mature - to grow and develop over time
  5. ferocious - very aggressive and scary
  6. resemble - to be/to look similar to something or someone
  7. particular - specific or special
  8. vary - to change something
  9. contentment - total happiness
  10. keen - sharp or alert

Genre: Informational text

Big Idea: Animal behaviors

Essential Question: What can a scientist learn by observing the behaviors of a particular animal?


Target Skill
  • Main Ideas and Details - important, or major, ideas about the topic and facts or examples that tell more about main ideas.

Target Strategy
  • Monitor/Clarify - good readers monitor, or pay attention to, the main ideas and supporting details to help them understand and clarify text. Readers can clarify what they find confusing by reviewing text details.

Vocabulary Strategies
  • Analogies - are word problems that contain two pairs of words. The words in the first pair have a relationship to each other. The words in the second pair have a similar or the same relationship to one another as the words in the first pair. The key to solving an analogy is to figure out the relationship between the first pair of words and to apply it to the second pair. Sometimes the relationship may be that the words in the pair are synonyms and antonyms.

Grammar: Direct Quotations and Interjections

Quotations Game

Spelling: Final schwa + /r/

Spelling City



All About Cougars (1 min, 35 sec)

Mountain Lion Species Spotlight (4 min, 52 sec)

Funny Crazy Big Cat Sounds (2 min, 53 sec)