Storm Warrior

Genre: Historical Fiction

Big Idea: Values and Courage

Essential Question: What conclusions can we draw about the sea?


Quizlet Vocabulary Practice

Target Vocabulary
  1. critical - something of great importance
  2. secured - fixed or held firmly in place
  3. realization - a sudden awareness of something
  4. annoyance - something that is irritating
  5. bundle - to wrap something in many layers
  6. clammy - cold, sticky and damp to the touch
  7. squalling - loud, harsh cries
  8. commotion - a lot of noise and confusion
  9. demolished - completely destroyed
  10. elite - something that has special skills or qualities that make it the best


Target Skill
  • Conclusions and Generalizations - smart guesses about ideas that are not stated in the text and broad statements that are true most of the time. Good readers use clues in the text and their own experiences to draw conclusions and make generalizations about details the author has not revealed. Identifying important details can help readers use their experiences to draw conclusions and make generalizations.

Inferences and Conclusions Game

Target Strategy
  • Infer/Predict - making inferences about characters and events can help readers predict what will happen next. Making predictions about a text can increase comprehension.

Vocabulary Strategies
  • Greek and Latin Roots - The Greek roots tele and photo mean "far" and "light." The Latin roots scrib and rupt mean "write" and "break."

  • Complex Sentences - are sentences made of a dependent and an independent clause joined by a subordinating conjunction. A subordinating conjunction joins two clauses to form a complex sentence. A dependent clause cannot stand on its own as a complete thought and is usually introduced by a subordinating conjunction. An independent clause can stand on its own as a complete thought.

Spelling: Compound Words
Spelling City


Oral Language/Writing Prompt:
- What is your opinion of the men who served as rescuers at Pea Island? Do you think they should have been treated differently than they were? Explain your answer.
(In my opinion, the men who served as rescuers at Pea Island were . I think they should have been treated _ because __.)