Old Yeller

Quizlet Vocabulary Practice

Target Vocabulary
  1. frantic - wild with excitement or worry
  2. lunging - making a sudden forward movement
  3. stride - the rhythm of your walking and the length or your steps
  4. checking - limiting or controlling something
  5. wheeled - turned quickly
  6. bounding - leaping
  7. shouldered - carried the weight
  8. strained - stretched to the limit, either physically or mentally
  9. romp - an energetic and noisy way to play
  10. picturing - creating a mental image of something

Genre: Historical Fiction

Big Idea: Values and Responsibility

Essential Question:
  • Can nature bring out the best in a character?


Target Skill
  • Understanding Characters - authors try to create story characters that seem like real people with believable feelings, traits and personalities. Traits are ways of speaking and acting to show what a character is like. By examining a character's actions, words and thoughts, they can determine his or her motives or reasons for doing something. Authors often have characters grow and change during the course of a story.

Target Strategy
  • Visualize - use text details to form pictures in your mind. Visualize the characters' actions and behaviors to help better understand the text.

Vocabulary Strategy: Adages and Proverbs

Adages and proverbs Quizlet

A picture book: “A Mango in the Hand: A Story Told Through Proverbs” by Antonio Sacre

Grammar: Direct/Indirect Objects

Spelling: More vowels plus /r/
Spelling City


Old Yeller Movie Trailer (1 min, 23 sec)

Old Yeller Clip (The Rock Fight) 1 min, 36 sec

Old Yeller VS bear video clip