Quest for the Tree Kangaroo


1. dwarfed: caused to appear smaller than something else
2. presence: to be present (there) in a place
3. procedure: a certain way to do something
4. outfitted: to be equipped with everything you need
5. transferred: moved from one place to another
6. calculate: To find out the amount or number of something
7. snug: tight and close-fitting
8. perch: sit or a place to sit as on a branch
9. enthusiastic: showing great and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.
10. beaming: Smiling brightly with pleasure and approval
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Genre: Informational Text

Big Idea: Wild Animals

Essential Question: Why is it important to research and protect endangered animals?


Target Skill: Cause and Effect

Target Strategy: Questioning

Vocabulary Strategy: Synonyms and Antonyms


Grammar: Verbs

Vowel + /r/ Sounds

Spelling City

About the tree kangaroo:


Video showing the author, other researchers, and real tree kangaroos: