Elisa’s Diary


1. gorgeous (adj.) - somethihng that stands out in beauty and grace
2. opponents (n.) - people who compete against each other in a contest
3. supposedly (adv.) - thought to be true, or supposed to be true
4. preliminary (n.) - something that comes before the final event
5. obvious (adj.) - noticeable or easy to see
6. brutal (adj.) - something that is overly rough
7. officially (adv.) - authorized by the people who make the rules
8. sweeping (adj.) - movement that covers a wide space from side to side
9. typically (adv.) - usually
10. embarrassed (v.) - feeling ashamed and uncomfortable

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Big Idea
  • We never stop learning.

Essential Question
  • How does a character learn an important lesson?

Target Skill
  • Theme - the big idea or lesson the author wants the reader to know.

Theme Worksheets with Answer Key

Target Strategy
  • Visualize - to use text details to form pictures in your mind.

Vocabulary Strategies
  • Suffixes -ly, -ful - "in a certain way" or "like," and "full of." A suffix is an affix attached to the end of a base word or word root that changes the meaning of the word.

  • Singular and Plural Nouns - names one person, place or thing, or names more than one person, place or thing. A collective noun names a group of people, animals or things that act as a unit.


Puerto Rico: TIME For Kids (article with links to other features)

Oral Language/Writing Prompt:
- Do you think you would enjoy living in Puerto Rico? Give at least 2 reasons for your answer.
(I think I _ like living in Puerto Rico because _ and .)

Top 5 Attractions, Puerto Rico (1 min, 8 sec)