Off and Running


1. decorated- added things to make something more attractive
2. beckoned- signaled in some way, often with a gesture
3. gradually- slowly over a period of time
4. hesitated- paused before you said or did something
5. prodded- encouraged to do something
6. debate- a formal public discussion about specific issues
7. stalled- delayed; stopped
8. scanned- quickly looked over
9. shaken- upset
10. inflated- filled with air

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Big Idea
  • We never stop learning.

Essential Question
  • What can our differences teach us?


Target Skill
  • Compare and Contrast - to find ways that two or more things are similar and different.

Target Strategy
  • Infer/Predict- to figure out something that is not stated directly/figure out what might happen next.

Vocabulary Strategies
  • Multiple-Meaning Words - words that have more than one meaning.

  • Compound Sentences - two sentence joined by a comma and conjunction such as and, but, oror. The complete subject is all the words telling whom or what a sentence is about. The complete predicate is all the words telling what the subject is or does.

Spelling: Long i and long o

Spelling City


Oral Language/Writing Prompts:
- Is it more important to vote for someone for class president who is popular or someone who has good ideas to improve your school? Explain why you think so.
- Imagine your friend was running for class president but you thought that one of the other candidates would be a much better class president. What would you do? Why?

Maya & Miguel - Running for Class President: The Debate (2 min, 35 sec)