A Royal Mystery


1. discomfort- a lack of comfort or ease
2. primitive- simple or crude (basic)
3. interior- inside
4. honored- proud to be given a special respect
5. secretive- tending to keep secrets
6. immersed- to involve deeply
7. bungled- to manage, do, or handle badly
8. contagious- spreading by direct or indirect contact
9. brandishing- to wave triumphantly or threateningly
10. imprinted- to make a mark or pattern on a surface by pressing or stamping

Genre: Play

Big Idea
  • The arts provide many different ways for people to express their ideas and feelings.

Essential Question
  • How can art and performance help people understand text?


Target Skill
  • Theme- The author of a play wants to tell a good story. In most cases, he or she also wants to convey a theme, or a message about life or people.

Target Strategy
  • Question- Asking questions can lead to a deeper understanding of the author’s ideas. Questioning also helps you identify what you would like to know more about.

Vocabulary Strategies
  • Prefixes non-, un-, dis-, mis-

What Are the Four Kinds of Sentences?
  • declarative sentence- A sentence that tells something. It ends with a period.
  • interrogative sentence- A sentence that asks something. It ends with a question mark.
  • exclamatory sentence- A sentence that expresses strong feeling. It ends with an exclamation point.
  • imperative sentence- A sentence that gives an order. It ends with a period.

Spelling: Long a and Long e