A Package for Mrs. Jewls

1. shifted - moved or changed your position
2. struggled - tried very hard to do something but still had difficulty
3. wobbled - moved unsteadily from side to side
4. staggered - walked very unsteadily
5. interrupted - stopped briefly
6. disturbing - upsetting
7. speciality- a featured item or attraction
8. squashing- crushing or flattening
9. collapsed- fell down
10. numb- having very little sensation or feeling

Genre: Humorous Fiction

Big Idea
  • We never stop learning.

Essential Question
  • What funny events lead Louis to Mrs. Jewls's classroom?


Target Skill
  • Story Structure - important parts of the story, including the problem, or conflict, plot events and the problem's solution or resolution and how they work together.

Target Strategy
  • Summarize - tell the most important parts of the text in your own words.

Vocabulary Strategies
  • Using Context - context refers to the words and sentences around a word that give clues to the word's meaning. Using context is one way readers can determine the meanings of unfamiliar words.

  • Complete Sentences - a sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought. Every sentence needs two parts in order to be complete: a subject and a predicate. The subject names the person or thing the sentence is about. The predicate tells what the subject is or does.

Spelling: Short Vowels

Spelling City


Story Elements

Oral Language/Writing Prompt:
- What would you like and not like about going to school at Wayside School?
(I would like , but I wouldn't like .)

Wayside Stories Movie Trailer (1 min, 25 sec)

Wayside the Movie Part 1: Science Day in Mrs. Jewls class (11 min, 45 sec)

Schoolhouse Rock - A Victim of Gravity (3 min)